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Fil-Ams Capture Hearts of Attendees

Dining Around the World' attendees impressed with Fil-Am charm, cuisine

   Dining Around.jpg (95585 bytes) Thomasville- It wasn't just the exotic food, but the engaging smiles of the Pinays and a Pinoy that won hearts (and stomachs) over. "Dining Around the World" sponsored by the Catholic Council of Women (CCW) of St. Augustine Catholic Church was held at the church's Social Hall on February 26, 2000 beginning at 6:30 P.M. "It was so successful when we first did it last year that we just had to do it again this year" according to CCW president Jeannie Ceccacci. Proceeds of this affair went to the St. Augustine Church Building Fund. Rose Borja suggested we approach this event in style: barong tagalog at kimona, tapis at saya, o kaya mestiza dress a la Pandango sa Ilaw, A la eh!  With the kimonas already available, Perly began her marathon of sewing the dress sheaths. For ambience, Emie Eugenio's fine Tallahassee connection brought us our two piano pieces. The dishes served came from the list of proven winners: Pancit bihon Shish Kebob, Lumpia, Fried Rice and Leche Flan, prepared by Art Leberiaga, Perly Porter, Minnie & Al Wheedleton, Cefe Reyes, Rose Borja and Manang Fannie, respectively. With things set into high gear, cranking up "servers with a smile" didn't take a long pit stop. Art Leberiaga, Fe Massey, Manang Fannie, Jackie Fulgencio, Lety Antonio, Rose Borja and Louella Borja performed beyond expectations. Manang Fannie's garb of saya at salakot was so authentic even her own grandson could not recognize her. We just couldn't get past setting up, cleaning up, food tasting, and entertaining without Richard Porter's assistance. Mahusay talaga mag-istima itong si Ric ni Perly. To those who could not participate: Don't worry, your chance to excel is coming sooner than you think.

    The 3 "P's" made this event a success: pawis, pakikimasa at (maraming) paciencia. Sabihin mo, pag ang Pinoy ay sumali talsik ang lahat! Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat. Harinawa hindi kayo madala.

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Needed: Dancers, singers, musicians, choreographer, director and stage hands

    In an effort to enganya the interest of everybody and to feel comfortable with each other, a consortium of native talents are needed to get us all to re-live our culture and traditions. Tayo-tayo muna, saka na nating ihandog ang ating gigintong pinanggalingan sa mga Amerikano. Ultimately, we have to share our culture or we will perish. It is only by sharing our heritage that we get to keep it. It will be incorporated into the American culture like a new lifeblood flowing into the veins of old and established culture. This process provides vigor and vitality to an existing one. Thus, we enrich the American culture as we in turn preserve an perpetuate our own. Our being different is not necessarily a disadvantage. Ours is an opportunity to make history in Thomasville, GA. Everyone's history is priceless. Our Kayumangging kulay is certainly something anyone would be proud of. Our genetic pool, collective experiences, remarkable achievements and certainly our warm, hospitable ways are worthwhile attributes.

    Okay. Balik sa sayawan at kantahan. Kayo d'yang mga young at heart at malalakas pa ang mga tuhod, puede pang mag-ensayo sa tinikling. Kayo namang mga bata pa, mag ensayo at mag-aral nang CPR baka sakaling kailanganin! Panay kasi ang kain nitong si tatang nang lechon-tuloy naging arterioclerotic na ang coronaries. Sa kantahan, naman, puede ang sintonado pero, mag-abiso para makapagdala naman kami nang ear plugs

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