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Vol 1 Issue 2


Organizational Meeting Slated for Easter Sunday

Why get Organized?

    For those of us who have been in Thomasville for a while, you have become accustomed to a quiet existence. Today, we are going to gently disturb this serenity. 

    With deference to all, I would like to propose that we get organized. There are many advantages to having a formal organization. We can work together for a common cause, get representation, enhance relationships through improved communication, provide a forum for interaction, and preserve our heritage, to name a few. When we work for a cause bigger than ourselves we elevate ourselves above pettiness, thus, dissipating personal differences and creating a unified body. Representation is the voice that will facilitate our ability to conduct business. It carries an understated power to command respect, attention and action more effectively than a single or fragmented force.

     Improved communication can do wonders. It enhances relationships, avoids biases, promotes understanding and strengthens the tie that binds us together. We come from different regions in the Philippines. Understandably, we have different viewpoints. After we overcome these differences, we can begin to work as a unit. I am confident that we can hurdle the so called growing pains.

    Through a regulated body, we can provide a contained forum for friendly discussions and pleasant interchange. As the group develops, it becomes adept at problem solving. Through a group cooperative effort, we can even hope to sponsor large scale events with ease.

    Finally, as we continue to revive our customs and traditions we not only diffuse our homesickness, but also perpetuate the single priceless commodity that we brought with us to the USA and that is our rich cultural heritage. Mga kababayan, isipin n'yong mabuti po, ito.

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We Are Filipino-Americans
Luis Borja

    We are foreigners in this country. With a blended heart, Filipino-Americans routing our lives. Enriched with American culture. Our daily lives, happy to be one in this foreign land.

    Grouping ourselves together to share our talent side. Enjoying celebration that perk everyone's life. Worries come when one has to decide. The trends to suit, the special one.

    How wonderful to hear ideas of the mind. Who is to sing, to direct, to manage, to write. We are Filipino-Americans in mind and heart. Easily love to group for everyone.

    We are proud to share when occasion comes. To devote our time when needed one. Birthdays, weddings, prayers or anything worthwhile. For us to share, for fun.

    We are Filipino-Americans. Blended in mind, simple in ways, big in heart and hand. Ever ready to give our side when needed, all the time.

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