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Vol 1 Issue 3


Flash! Flash! FAASG is founded

Fil-Ams formally organized FAASG or
Filipino-American Association of South Georgia is the name.

    The decision was unanimous. The group was unstoppable. The meeting began with an invocation, followed by a presentation of justifications for forming an organization, namely, to have a forum for interaction and to have "higher goals" such as public education/awareness of Philippine culture and tradition. It also underscored formulating such activities as to qualify FAASG as a 501 (c) (3) organization. Surprisingly, the enthusiasm was electrifying and the impetus to elect officers soon followed. Dr. Henry Eugenio and Jackelyn Fulgenico were easily elected President and Secy-treasurer, respectively. The group decided to meet tri-annually.

    At this juncture, the By-Laws Committee is in the process of drafting the FAASG By-Laws.

    FAASG is a charitable organization. It is not a social club. It will operate with the least interference of members already busy schedules. Hence, one project a year should be adequate. No membership fees will be levied. In lieu of fees, members may donate time, talents and services to achieve the goals of the association. To become a member, you may fill out a registration form available at the Secretary-Treasurer's office. Anyone interested in Fil-Am affairs may apply. Official projects of the association will be underwritten through sponsorships.

    At present, it is critical to develop the infrastructure. Like an infant, the formative years are crucial to the final outcome. Therefore, we have to proceed slowly and deliberately. Let us not lose our focus by doing too much too fast.

    The June 17, 2000 meeting has been postponed to July 2nd and will be held at the Wheedleton residence. The agenda will be posted in the June issue of the Sanggunian.


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