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FAASG Complementary Officers Elected

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    The second general membership meeting of FAASG was held on June 25, 2000 at the President's residence. It convened at 12:30 PM and adjourned at 1:30 PM. Twelve members were in attendance and President Eugenio presided. To have a full set of officers was deemed necessary to assist the President in carrying out our mission. In addition to President Eugenio and Treasurer Jackie Fulgencio. we how have Arturo Leberiaga as Vice-President, Rose Borja as Secretary, three Executive Officers: Luis Borja, Fannie Hester & Al Wheedleton, and Richard Porter as Sergeant at Arms. With such happy faces one cannot help but think they are only willing to serve. The train is now fully staffed, and with the direction plotted, it is ready to roll and begin Phase 1 of our development.

    A social issue to which everyone agreed to participate in is the upcoming combined birthday & anniversary celebration of two of our members: Edward & Fannie Hester will be marking their wedding anniversary (25th) and their July birthdays. What is so special is that Manong Ed will be 99 years young and Manang Fannie will be 77 years young! The event will be held Saturday, July 8th at the St. Augustine's Catholic Social Hall beginning at 6:30 PM. Featured will be our traditional Filipino cuisine "catered" by the Fil-Am community. Lechon (roasted suckling pig) will be compliments of Dr. & Mrs. Eugenio assisted by Art, Luis and Rey. Two large grouper (fish) baked whole & stuffed crabs, caught by our president, (who is sometimes a fisherman) will also be served. The evening will feature traditional Philippine Love songs and old American romantic hits. With Rey and his guitar at the helm, he and Jackie will sing duets, while, with Art & Luis, they will render choruses. Line dances and a few surprises are in the offing. More than a hundred guests will be attending. Apparently, this has been the "big event" of the summer for the Filipino-Americans in Thomasville in the past 2-3 years. We wish everyone a wonderful time especially the celebrants.

    The next general membership meeting is slated for September 3, 2000 at the Eugenio farm. Potluck lunch will be served at 11:30-12:30 PM. The meeting will begin promptly at 12:30 PM. Agenda will be announced in the next newsletter. Please bring your suggestions or you may notify the President ahead of time.

    The FAASG members have to be commended for attendance, participation and enthusiasm. Great things have been known to be achieved by a few who dared to be brave.

    A note on this 224th birthday of the US whose centerpiece celebration of Independence Day was Sail 2000 at the New York Harbor. President Clinton, aboard the JFK Aircraft carrier said today: This nation is a nation of immigrants whose contributions have helped make this into a great nation that it is. He added that with the completion of the mapping of the human genome the evidence confirms that all humans regardless of race are 99.5% made of the same genetic material. To take this one step further, this nation's forefathers now have the genetic basis for their declaration "that all men are created equal". Throughout America's history , many immigrants have made significant contributions and we, (we promise), are going to be counted with them.

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The Presidents Corner
Henry Eugenio M.D.


    Of Unity, Identity

"Together let us join hands in 
unity and focus on our identity
in our adopted country".

    It is a great honor and privilege for me to serve as your president for the Filipino-American Association of South Georgia (FAASG). I want to acknowledge the leadership of Dr. Minnie Wheedleton for making this association get started. I also want to congratulate all the Filipino members for wanting me to lead them into our future projects.

    I need your support and participation in all activities that embellish and exemplify the uniqueness of the Filipino character and show them to our fellow Americans.    

    So, my dear Kababayans, I salute you and please help me in your commitment to the FAASG that will lead our organization to brighter understanding among our fellow men as we enter the next millennium.

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Thought for Today...

    ... is taken from the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". by R. Carlson, Ph.D.
Understand Separate Realities

   "If you have traveled to foreign countries, you are aware of vast differences among cultures. The principal of separate realities says that the differences among individuals is every bit as vast. Just as we wouldn't expect people of different cultures to see or do things as we would (in fact we would be disappointed if they did), this principal tells us that the individual differences in our ways of seeing the world prohibit this as well. It's not a matter of merely tolerating differences but of truly understanding and honoring the fact that it can't be any other way. When we expect to see things differently, when we take it as a given that others will do things differently and react differently to the some stimuli, the compassion we have for ourselves and for others rises dramatically".

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